About US

The University of Science and Technology Hospital is a medical institution characterized by its modern infrastructure and advanced world-class standards in addition to its outstanding medical technology and highly qualified, skilled and experienced staff.

USTH Vision

To be the leading organization in providing high-quality healthcare services at local and regional level.

USTH Mession

to provide comprehensive quality health services to all segments of society through a qualified medical and administrative team using the most up to date medical equipment and technology. In addition to spreading health awareness in the community and supporting training programs and medical research to contribute to the development of the health sector in Yemen and the neighboring region. .

USTH Values

• Excellence in providing health care services
• Honesty in dealing with our customers
• Teamwork
• Continuous development
• Respect and appreciation
• ensure customers' confidentiality

USTH Goals

• Providing unique diagnostic and therapeutic medical services in one location at an appropriate cost.
• Spreading health education through various means and promoting the principle of "prevention is better than cure".
• Developing the skills of medical staff.
• Supporting and adopting medical researches.
• Strengthening cooperation with other institutions


University of Science and Technology has achieved many rare achievements and processes that make it a local and regional leader

Kidney transplantation

All kidney transplantation was successful

USTH hot line

Dear visitor, the University of Science and Technology Hospital welcomes you and wishes you a speedy recovery ... You can contact the hospital at any time by calling the following number


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