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Rights of Patients

Patient and Family Bill of Rights

Rights of Medical Care:

You have the right to :

  • Receive a copy of "patient and family bill of rights and responsibilities " at the earliest possible moment  from reception or admission office or Nursing staff and if for any reason you cannot understand it, please contact social worker for help .
  • Receive a comprehensive care given without discrimination by competent personnel that reflects consideration of your personal values , believes with effective use of time and as per M.O.H laws and regulations.
  • Expect emergency procedures to be carried out without delay.
  • Have appropriate assessment and management of pain.
  • Participate in decisions involving your health care.
  • Be provided with information upon discharge of your continuing health care requirements and the means for meeting them .
  • Refuse the treatment to the extent permitted by law , and to be informed of the potential consequences of any such action , and accordingly you will sign a form prepared for that.
  • Sign the necessary informed consent prior to the start of any procedure or treatment , or both , except in emergencies .

Rights of Information:

  • To know the hospital Mission and Vision.
  • To know the identity of your caregiver.
  • To receive complete and current information from treating doctor "Once Final Diagnosis is reached " regarding the diagnosis , treatment and potential benefit and drawbacks of proposed treatment, likelihood of successful treatment and possible problem related to treatment, in terms that you can understand (interpreter is available if needed)
  • When it is not medically advisable the information pertaining to your condition shall be given on your behalf to your designated /legal representative .
  • To receive appropriate explanation of the cost of your treatment.
  • Voice complaint regarding your care through public relation tel No.3000 or through suggestion boxes.
  • The result will be given to you by public relation officer as soon as possible.
  • To know the available source of care for your condition and other alternative treatment inside or outside the hospital .

Rights of confidentiality and privacy:

You have the right to:

  • Protect your privacy while receiving services.
  • Request the room transfer if another patient in the room unreasonably disturbing you and another room equally suitable for your care need is available.
  • Have all information, records pertaining to your medical care treated as confidential except as otherwise provided by law, or third-party contractual agreement.
  • Have your medical record confidential, protected from loss or misuse and read only by individuals involved in your care or by individual authorized by law or regulation.
  • Not to be involved in any experimental, Researches , Donor program, or educational activities unless you have a prior informed consent.

Safety and security rights:

  • To be provided with a safety mechanism surrounding your care within the framework established by the hospital.
  • To be provided with a safety mechanism for your valuables from loose or theft when needed.
  • To be protected from physical , verbal or psychological assault.